TRADOC Forms (TFs)

TFs are prescribed by TRADOC administrative publications. Forms prescribed by TRADOC pamphlets are optional.

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TF Number Date Published TF Title
5 Apr 2022 Transmittal, Action and Control
PDF: TF5.pdf
25-35-1 May 2008 Publication Review
XFDL (IBM/Lotus/PureEdge): TF25-35-1.xfdl
PDF: TF25-35-1.pdf
25-36-1 Jan 2023 Publishing Checklist - TRADOC's Army Doctrinal and Training Publishing Program
PDF: TF25-36-1.pdf
240-R Jan 2004 Ammunition Management Checklist
XFDL (IBM/Lotus/PureEdge): TF240-R.xfdl
PDF: TF240-R.pdf
270 Feb 2007 Institutional Attendance Register
XFDL (IBM/Lotus/PureEdge): TF270.xfdl
PDF: TF270.pdf
298 Mar 2023 Drill Sergeant of the Year Nominee
PDF: TF298.pdf
350-6-1 Dec 2022 Training Abuse Report
PDF: TF350-6-1.pdf
350-6-2 Dec 2022 Initial Military Training Soldier Assessment Report
PDF: TF350-6-2.pdf
350-18-1 Feb 2007 TATS/RC3 Exportable Instructional Material Request
XFDL (IBM/Lotus/PureEdge): TF350-18-1.xfdl
PDF: TF350-18-1.pdf
350-18-2 Apr 2018 Unit Pre-Execution Checklist
PDF: TF350-18-2.pdf
350-70-10-1 Jun 2003 Validation Volunteer Background Data Sheet
XFDL (IBM/Lotus/PureEdge): TF350-70-10-1.xfdl
PDF: TF350-70-10-1.pdf
350-70-12-1 Aug 2003 Catalog Form (CataForm) for the Reimer Digital Library (RDL) On-Line Card Catalog
XFDL (IBM/Lotus/PureEdge): TF350-70-12-1.xfdl
PDF: TF350-70-12-1.pdf
378 Mar 2023 TRADOC Drill Sergeant Orientation and Recertification Checklist
PDF: TF378.pdf
559 Sep 1990 AIMS Student Evaluation
PDF: TF559AIMS.pdf
560 Feb 1986 AIMS Answer Sheet
PDF: TF560AIMS.pdf
600-11-1 May 2008 Equal Opportunity Action Goal
XFDL (IBM/Lotus/PureEdge): TF600-11-1.xfdl
PDF: TF600-11-1.pdf
600-14-2 Aug 2023 Sergeant Audie Murphy Award Awardee Card
This is a controlled form issued by the Adjutant General Directorate (G-1/4). For use of this form, see TRADOC Regulation 600-14.
600-14-3 Aug 2023 Sergeant Audie Murphy Award Certificate of Achievement
This is a controlled form issued by the Adjutant General Directorate (G-1/4). For use of this form, see TRADOC Regulation 600-14.
600-14-4 Aug 2023 Sergeant Audie Murphy Award Board Remarks Sheet
PDF: TF600-14-4.pdf
600-18-1 Jul 2004 TRADOC Telework Report
XFDL (IBM/Lotus/PureEdge): TF600-18.xfdl
PDF: TF600-18.pdf
600-21-1 Oct 2017 Instructor Observation Rubric
Due to copyright resitrctions, this form is only available on the TED-T website under Managers, Faculty and Staff resources. (CAC required)
600-21-2 Oct 2017 Master Instructor Board Member Appraisal Worksheet
PDF: TF600-21-2.pdf
600-21-3 Oct 2017 Master Instructor Selection Board Recommendation
PDF: TF600-21-3.pdf
600-21-4 Oct 2017 Instructor Developmental Observation Worksheet
PDF: TF600-21-4.pdf
600-21-5 Oct 2017 Course/Lesson Design/Redesign Checklist
PDF: TF600-21-5.pdf
712 Mar 2016 Request for Official OCONUS Temporary Duty Travel
PDF: TF712.pdf
1018 Jul 2020 Certificate of Achievement
PDF: TF1018.pdf (fillable)
1019 Jul 2020 Certificate of Appreciation
PDF: TF1019.pdf (fillable)
1020 Sep 2011 Scroll of Appreciation
PDF: TF1020.pdf
1021 Aug 2020 Expert Soldier Badge (ESB) Validator Checklist
PDF: TF1021.pdf
1022 Nov 2016 E-ZPass® Transponder Tracking Log
PDF: TF1022-E.pdf
1001 Sep 1980 Pouch Mailing Label
PDF: TL1001.pdf