TRADOC Supplements (TSs)

TSs contain policies, responsibilities, and administrative procedures required to implement Army regulations. It is the only medium authorized to provide subordinate commanders additional instructions to implement an Army regulation. Supplements do not supersede, change, or rescind any portion of an Army regulation.

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TS Number Date Published TS Title
(1) Administration
1-20 12 Oct 2016 Legislative Liaison
Microsoft Word: TS1-20.doc
Adobe PDF: TS1-20.pdf
1-50 7 Aug 2020 U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Conference Policy
Microsoft Word: TS1-50.docx
Adobe PDF: TS1-50.pdf
1-201 15 Apr 2019 Army Inspection Program
Adobe PDF: TS1-201.pdf
(11) Army Programs
11-31 12 Feb 2019 Army Security Cooperation Policy
Adobe PDF: TS11-31.pdf
(20) Inspections, Assistance, and Investigations
20-1 14 Jan 2019 TRADOC Delegation of Approval/Disapproval Authority of Inspector General Reports
Adobe PDF: TS20-1.pdf
(25) Information Management
25-2 14 Sep 2010 Information Assurance
Microsoft Word: TS25-2.doc
Adobe PDF: TS25-2.pdf
25-22 and 25-55 14 Jan 2019 Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Initial Denial Authority Delegation of Authority
Adobe PDF: TS25-22and25-55.pdf
(95) Aviation
95-1 19 Apr 2019 Waivers and Delegation of Authority
Adobe PDF: TS95-1.pdf
(220) Field Organizations
220-1 19 Apr 2012 Army Unit Status Reporting and Force Registration – Consolidated Policies
Microsoft Word: TS220-1.doc
Adobe PDF: TS220-1.pdf
(380) Security
380-5 8 Nov 2001 Department of the Army Information Security Program
Microsoft Word: TS380-5.doc
Adobe PDF: TS380-5.pdf
380-10 10 Jul 2019 Foreign Disclosure and Contacts with Foreign Representatives
Adobe PDF: TS380-10.pdf
381-10 15 Oct 2019 U.S. Army Intelligence Activities
Adobe PDF: TS381-10.pdf
(600) Personnel - General
600-8-22 14 Feb 2019 Military Awards
Adobe PDF: TS600-8-22.pdf
600-20 9 Jul 2019 Army Command Policy - Equal Opportunity Program
Adobe PDF: TS600-20.pdf