TRADOC Regulations (TRs)

TRs contain policies, responsibilities, and administrative procedures relating to subjects not contained in Army Regulations. They are permanent directives, effective until superseded or rescinded. Each regulation is confined to a single subject and is the only authority to prescribe mandatory use of TRADOC forms.

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TR Number Date Published TR Title
(1) Administration
1-8 11 Aug 2017 U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Operations Reporting
Microsoft Word: TR1-8.docx
Adobe PDF: TR1-8.pdf
1-9 28 May 2015 U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Senior Officer Orientation Program (SOOP)
Microsoft Word: TR1-9.docx
Adobe PDF: TR1-9.pdf
1-11 29 Mar 2024 Staff Procedures
Microsoft Word: TR1-11.docx
Adobe PDF: TR1-11.pdf
(5) Management
5-11 16 Nov 1998 U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Models and Simulations (M&S)
Microsoft Word: TR5-11.doc
Adobe PDF: TR5-11.pdf
5-14 14 Feb 2018 Acquisition Management and Oversight
Microsoft Word: TR5-14.docx
Adobe PDF: TR5-14.pdf
(10) Organization and Functions
10-5 19 Jul 2021 U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
Microsoft Word: TR10-5.docx
Adobe PDF: TR10-5.pdf
10-5-1 10 Apr 2018 Headquarters, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
Microsoft Word: TR10-5-1.docx
Adobe PDF: TR10-5-1.pdf
10-5-4 16 Nov 2010 United States Army Combined Arms Center
Microsoft Word: TR10-5-4.doc
Adobe PDF: TR10-5-4.pdf
10-5-5 10 Sep 2010 United States Army Combined Arms Support Center and Sustainment Center of Excellence
Microsoft Word: TR10-5-5.doc
Adobe PDF: TR10-5-5.pdf
10-5-8 31 Aug 2016 United States Army Center for Initial Military Training
Microsoft Word: TR10-5-8.docx
Adobe PDF: TR10-5-8.pdf
(11) Army Programs
11-5 31 Aug 1984 Cost Analysis Program (MOS/FMS Training Costs) (RCS ATRM-159(R2))
Adobe PDF: TR11-5.pdf
11-13 20 Oct 1996 TRADOC Remedial Action Program (T-RAP)
Microsoft Word: TR11-13.doc
Adobe PDF: TR11-13.pdf
Change 1
31 Jan 2008
17 Mar 2008
Assignment of Planning, Programming, and Budgeting Responsibilities
Microsoft Word: TR11-19.doc
Adobe PDF: TR11-19.pdf

Microsoft Word: TR11-19C1.doc
Adobe PDF: TR11-19C1.pdf
11-20 18 Nov 2016 Cost-Benefit Analysis to Support Army Enterprise Decision-making
Microsoft Word: TR11-20.docx
Adobe PDF: TR11-20.pdf
11-21 19 Mar 2014 TRADOC Implementation of the Army Quality Assurance Program
Microsoft Word: TR11-21.doc
Adobe PDF: TR11-21.pdf
(25) Information Management
25-30 2 Jan 2023 Army Doctrinal and Training Publishing Program
Microsoft Word: TR25-30.docx
Adobe PDF: TR25-30.pdf
25-35 17 Sep 2009 Preparing and Publishing U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Administrative Publications
Microsoft Word: TR25-35.doc
Adobe PDF: TR25-35.pdf
25-36 2 Jan 2023 The U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Doctrine Publishing Program
Microsoft Word: TR25-36.docx
Adobe PDF: TR25-36.pdf
(27) Legal Services
27-2 26 Jul 2019 Military Justice
Microsoft Word: TR27-2.docx
Adobe PDF: TR27-2.pdf
(36) Audit
36-2 25 Feb 2020 Staff Procedures for Audits Conducted by External Agencies
Microsoft Word: TR36-2.docx
Adobe PDF: TR36-2.pdf
(37) Financial Administration
37-2 11 Dec 2009 Temporary Duty Travel Policies and Procedures
Microsoft Word: TR37-2.doc
Adobe PDF: TR37-2.pdf
37-3 22 Feb 2010 Government Travel Charge Card Program
Microsoft Word: TR37-3.doc
Adobe PDF: TR37-3.pdf
37-4 9 Jul 2019 Fund Control, Reconciliations, and Certification
Microsoft Word: TR37-4.docx
Adobe PDF: TR37-4.pdf
(71) Force Development
71-12 3 Oct 2012 U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Capability Management
Microsoft Word: TR71-12.doc
Adobe PDF: TR71-12.pdf
71-20 28 Jun 2013 Concept Development, Capabilities Determination, and Capabilities Integration
Microsoft Word: TR71-20.doc
Adobe PDF: TR71-20.pdf
(95) Aviation
95-5 28 Dec 2006 Flight Operations
Microsoft Word: TR95-5.doc
Adobe PDF: TR95-5.pdf
(135) Army National Guard and Army Reserve
135-6 1 Jul 2020 The Army National Guard/U.S. Army Reserve Liaison Noncommissioned Officer Program at the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
Microsoft Word: TR135-6.docx
Adobe PDF: TR135-6.pdf
(220) Field Organizations
220-90 with Change 1 31 Jul 2014 Utilization of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Band
Microsoft Word: TR220-90withChange1.doc
Adobe PDF: TR220-90withChange1.pdf
350-6 8 Dec 2022 Enlisted Initial Entry Training Policies and Administration
Microsoft Word: TR350-6.docx
Adobe PDF: TR350-6.pdf
350-8 5 May 2004 Ammunition
Microsoft Word: TR350-8.doc
Adobe PDF: TR350-8.pdf
350-13 22 Feb 2018 Instruction in Military History
Microsoft Word: TR350-13.docx
Adobe PDF: TR350-13.pdf
350-16 27 Mar 2023 Drill Sergeant and Cadre Program
Microsoft Word: TR350-16.docx
Adobe PDF: TR350-16.pdf
350-18 1 May 2018 The Army School System (TASS)
Microsoft Word: TR350-18.docx
Adobe PDF: TR350-18.pdf
350-28 30 Nov 2015 United States Army Reserve (USAR) Support to the Generating Force
Microsoft Word: TR350-28.docx
Adobe PDF: TR350-28.pdf
350-29 15 Jun 2023 Prevention of Heat and Cold Casualties
Microsoft Word: TR350-29.docx
Adobe PDF: TR350-29.pdf
350-36 20 Feb 2020 Basic Officer Leader Training Policies and Administration
Microsoft Word: TR350-36.docx
Adobe PDF: TR350-36.pdf
350-40 9 Jan 2014 Army Training Help Desk Federation
Microsoft Word: TR350-40.doc
Adobe PDF: TR350-40.pdf
350-50-3 12 Jul 2023 Mission Command Training Program
Microsoft Word: TR350-50-3.docx
Adobe PDF: TR350-50-3.pdf
350-70 10 Jul 2017 Army Learning Policy and Systems
Microsoft Word: TR350-70.docx
Adobe PDF: TR350-70.pdf
350-71 22 Dec 2020 Enterprise Classroom Program
Microsoft Word: TR350-71.docx
Adobe PDF: TR350-71.pdf
(381) Military Intelligence
381-1 19 Apr 1993 Threat Management
Microsoft Word: TR381-1.doc
Adobe PDF: TR381-1.pdf
(385) Safety
385-2 14 Jun 2024 U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Safety and Occupational Health Program
Microsoft Word: TR385-2.docx
Adobe PDF: TR385-2.pdf
(500) Emergency Employment of Army and Other Resources
500-2 28 Dec 2006 Taskings and Individual Augmentation Management
Microsoft Word: TR500-2.doc
Adobe PDF: TR500-2.pdf
(525) Military Operations
525-13 12 Dec 1997 TRADOC Force Protection Program (FPP)
Microsoft Word: TR525-13.doc
Adobe PDF: TR525-13.pdf
(570) Manpower and Equipment Control
570-4 4 Aug 2005 Management of Civilian Manpower
Microsoft Word: TR570-4.doc
Adobe PDF: TR570-4.pdf
(600) Personnel - General
600-11 16 May 2008 Equal Opportunity Action Plan
Microsoft Word: TR600-11.doc
Adobe PDF: TR600-11.pdf
600-14 15 Aug 2023 U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Sergeant Audie Murphy Award Program
Microsoft Word: TR600-14.docx
Adobe PDF: TR600-14.pdf
600-15 9 Mar 2011 Command Devolution
Microsoft Word: TR600-15.doc
Adobe PDF: TR600-15.pdf
600-18 12 Oct 2021 U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Telework Policy
Microsoft Word: TR600-18.docx
Adobe PDF: TR600-18.pdf
600-21 2 May 2018 Faculty Development and Recognition Program
Microsoft Word: TR600-21.docx
Adobe PDF: TR600-21.pdf
(672) Decorations, Awards, and Honors
672-6 26 Jan 2023 Unit Coin Medallions
Microsoft Word: TR672-6.docx
Adobe PDF: TR672-6.pdf
672-7 16 Sep 2016 Brigadier General David H. Stem Award
Microsoft Word: TR672-7.docx
Adobe PDF: TR672-7.pdf
672-8 3 Sep 2008 Margaret C. Corbin Award
Microsoft Word: TR672-8.doc
Adobe PDF: TR672-8.pdf
672-9 24 Jul 2020 Expert Soldier Badge
Microsoft Word: TR672-9.docx
Adobe PDF: TR672-9.pdf
(690) Civilian Personnel
690-4 22 Feb 2018 Recruitment and Selection of Supervisory Historians, Historians, Museum Division Chiefs, Museum Directors/Supervisory Curators, Curators, Museum Educators, Supervisory Archivists, and Archivists
Microsoft Word: TR690-4.docx
Adobe PDF: TR690-4.pdf
690-16 23 Jul 2021 Administration of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Fair Labor Standards Act Program
Microsoft Word: TR690-16.docx
Adobe PDF: TR690-16.pdf
(870) Historical Activities
870-1 22 Feb 2018 United States Army Training and Doctrine Command Military History and Heritage Program
Microsoft Word: TR870-1.docx
Adobe PDF: TR870-1.pdf